Why Video Animation Is Important For Branding Agencies


Branding agencies have been striving to provide unique and creative content to their clients regularly. However, this has become more of a struggle than art or strategy to understand the target audiences’ preferences. The newest generation, i.e., Gen Z, is quite diverse and challenging to understand even by the best of marketers.

However, many studies have been conducted to understand their preferences, and fortunately, some answers have been found. According to Forbes and Google, the key to Gen Z’s heart and head lies in video content. A study by Google shows that 80% of teens turned to YouTube to gain knowledge.

3 Main Benefits of Animated Videos

Videos are the most convenient option when it comes to consuming content. Gen Z has the shortest attention span of all generations until now, and marketers need to find creative ways like video animation to attract and retain their audience’s attention. In this article, we will discuss the reasons for branding agencies to prioritize video animation as top content.

1.   Highly Interactive Videos

When you read something, you need visual content like images to help understand it better. What would be better than content that is entirely visual and explains things simply? Video animation is like a talking drawing board in your hand. You can convert any complex topic into a simple explanation through it.

Animated videos interact with the customer, and engagingly convey a brand’s story. As the newer generations look for more snackable content, video animation has become the critical component of every brand’s marketing strategy. Therefore, branding agencies need to focus on video animation more than the other types.

Your client’s target audience will, therefore, show more interest in the brand’s content. The likeability and shareability of the animated videos will increase as well. Statistics have shown that videos are shared 12 times more than all types of content combined.

2.   More Details Within Less Time

Explaining complex subjects can be a time-consuming task. And understanding those complex topics can be even more difficult and time taking for the readers. The benefits of animated videos supersede other content types in this aspect as well. Explainer animated videos can convey loads of details within a fraction of the time compared to what other content types may require.

These videos are not only time saving, but they also help in breaking complicated topics into simple pieces of information. The viewers do not have to exert much of their mental energy into imagining things to understand the subject. Therefore, they prefer to watch explainer animated videos rather than read or listen to any other content. And that is why branding agencies must provide it as a service.

3. The Most Budget-Friendly of All

Imagine you have to shoot a video for the client’s brand. There is heavy equipment involved, including the expensive DSLRs, lighting apparatus, and mics, to name only a few. Think about the high costs this whole process would require. You may even have to hire actors and voiceover artists for the shoot and pay for their travel expenses too.

Anyone who has worked at branding agencies knows one thing well; the high cost gets ideas tossed out. And it is indeed true. Clients never understand or agree with the expenses required for a video shoot, and that is the end of it. The video ideas are mostly ignored in pitches or content calendars.

Animated videos play a significant role here. There is no cost for equipment, traveling, or hiring actors involved. All it takes is a video animator and a creative content writer to get the job done. It can be animated and edited as per the need of the client. And no matter what changes the client asks for, you at least do not have to go back and reshoot it.


As the world advances due to rapidly developing technologies, creating convenience for the consumers is vital. The purpose of all your strategies should be conveniently conveying the brand story. And there is no better option than doing it with an interactive animated video.

Animated videos are highly engaging for the viewers and convey your clients’ brand stories and messages to the audience very quickly. They are shared more than any other content, and to top it all; they are highly cost-effective to create. That is why focusing on animated video is the best strategy for your client’s social media marketing and promotion. 

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