Why Brands Need An Animated Logo In 2020


For businesses, branding is the most critical aspect as it helps organizations to connect with the customers, as well as prospects and broader audiences. Such graphic designs plays a vital role in forming a significant and major niche for logo designs and branding purposes. We are now moved from an era where colorless and static logos are were a sufficient way for companies to position their brands. People are now more likely to interact with aesthetically pleasing visuals, specifically with animations, including videos, GIFs. The article highlights the importance of an animated logos  followed by the latest trends of an animated logo design in 2020.

Why Animated Logo?

Animated logos incorporate motion, color, and sound together to present your design in the form of short video presentations. These are dynamic – it can be dancing peacocks, ocean waves, blazing fires, or any exciting moving objects. With animated logos, companies can create shareable animated elements such as GIF’s or stickers to promote their brand. For example, Moross Studios launched a set of their company’s personalized stickers for Instagram stories using visuals and phrases that best represents their services.

Such type of interaction on various social media platforms between brand and user represents how animated branding elements like logo designs have evolved from static printed logo to becoming a dynamic design and interactive digital experience. Animated logos are the next big step in creating a memorable brand to consumer relationships.

Brand Awareness:

As per the Online Publishers Association, 80% of the users recall a video ad from the previous 30 days. The main purpose of animated logo designs is to raise awareness for your brand. Either you need to create visual elements that are noteworthy and timeless – such as a cartoon character that has incorporated your product or services. Animated logos are more exciting and interesting as humans spend their maximum time looking at a video as compared to an image. 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): 

Animation or animated logos also improve the site’s SEO via backlinking, image tagging, and shares. Generally, web pages that feature videos or any motion graphics attract users more for longer periods. Currently, Google's algorithm always considers if you have uploaded any animated content to your website or any social media platform. Google loves dynamic content such as animated logo designs as it is one of the best and most effective ways to help you connect with your customers and can be crawled by search engine spiders. 

Pleasant First Impression:

Animated logos create a great impact on how people see a product. For users, it takes only seconds to decide whether they like something or not. A logo is the first impression of the brand, so it is important to ensure that your brand makes a nice first impression on your clients. Animated logos are the best way to surprise people by providing them exciting and interesting ways to remember your brand. A positive first impression always helps in attracting the interests of the user. 


Animated logos become a working part of the storytelling process as it provides an in-depth and detailed explanation of the nature of the business as compared to static logos. Additionally, it works as a short video telling a unique story of the company’s products and services. Storytelling does not require you to produce an animated fiction movie. The main purpose is to interact with your customers by telling the story of the brand visually.

Many marketers take the route of animating their product explanation or mission statement videos, as a way to explain their brand more palatable to all ages. Video content is one of the most effective tools that can be used to connect your brand with viewers emotionally. Furthermore, videos are easier to share across the web, which means that more people can see your brand logo. Around 90% of the users have claimed that seeing a video about brand services is helpful in the decision process.

Company Professionalism:

Customers may not be experts in the field of marketing; however, they still understand what the current trends are. Many companies, including Google, have acquired animated versions of their logo designs, and they share it proudly with the whole world. For this reason, when a brand represents that they are updated with the innovations as per the latest branding and design trends, people consider them as real professionals. 

High Return On Investment:

Animated logos are a low-cost brand asset that can be utilized effectively across marketing communication platforms and channels, including digital advertising, TV ad end-frames, social media posts, website, digital signage, PowerPoint presentations, screen-saves, YouTube, and landing pages. Animated logos can be implemented across various platforms creating a seamless, impactful, and engaging brand experience.

The Children’s BBC channel  –  CBCC created a new dynamic animated logo with an objective, as explained by Controller Cheryl Tayor – “To keep one step ahead of this agile age group – celebrating their immersion in all things digital – bright, mischievous, and sophisticated – just like the CBCC audience who helped us to choose it and have told us they love it!”

Latest Animated Trends of 2020

Rotating Logo Designs

As the name suggests, each element or object of the logo design will be moving, and nothing will be static. Additionally, bold font styles are used when designing rotating logos depending upon the brand personality. The other way to move the images and text remains constant (static), representing the overall brand’s story.

Flat Cartoon Style

Considering the illustrated logos, designers prefer to make logos that are simple and decent in style. The flat cartoon style is one of the most simplified versions of illustration style. Either left this type of logo as an oversimplified silhouette or add some details and make this logo style with engaging and fun animations.

Hiding and Revealing Logos

As a user, we all are excited and curious about the process that is more likely to be a magic show, game show, or a climax of a thriller movie. A similar concept is incorporated into this type of hiding and revealing logos. Such logo designs take the center of the stage while revealing the full name using simple motions.

Expanding Logo Designs

When designing this type of logos, you need to ensure that it looks equally awe-inspiring in a congested, small space. Animation has provided the liberty and leverage for brands to shrink and expand their logo designs to any dimension or scale.

Hand-Drawn Animated Logo Designs

Human-centric designs are always in demand as they are known for emitting personalized delivering a human-oriented feel. It is the best way for brands to connect with their audience with these hand-drawn animated logo designs. Many designers are blending animation into hand-drawn designs while providing satisfactory results.

Doodle Cartoon Style

The popular doodle cartoon style logo either in the form of graphic design or character design has made its way to top design trends 2020. Doodling is similar to sketching or hand drawing with a marker or pencil and is translated into logo illustration design, which means effortless, simple drawings made by hand.

Quick Tips For Designing Animated Logos

  • Before you start, analyze the business goals of the company and learn about the kind of personality brand carries
  • Plan to make user surprise
  • Conduct in-depth user research as logo animation designs need to be oriented with respect to the preferences of the user
  • Keep the animation act short and on the point and it should not go beyond 10 seconds

When designing animated logos, create one that communicates the true feeling of your brand to clients. The logo needs to stable and relatable at the same time. Let your logo be simple and classic. It is the best way to engage and entertain your audience. Moreover, animated logo designs are effective at increasing the digital marketing performance of your brand, including SEO, likes, clicks, and share. Consider hiring the services of professional branding and digital marketing agency that will help you make an exciting and interesting animated logo as it will help you stand out among the competition.

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