Why A Custom Logo Design Is Needed For Creating Brand Identity?


A brand is referred to as an organization, product, or service, having a personality crafted out of the consumers’ perceptions. A designer cannot craft a brand via logo, but the audience themselves can only create it. However, a designer can primarily contribute to the foundation of a brand.

A massive proportion of people presumes that brand identity is a mere combination of a few striking components such as a logo, some fonts, some colors, thematic shades, and a slogan. In reality, brand identity is a much-complicated phenomenon, often meant for the corporate representation of an organization. The core idea of a corporate image is something that depicts your overall business values and functions along with the why’s and how’s of pursuing them. A consistent brand identity depicting the core values and functions of your business is what brings success to your organization and builds loyalty among your consumers. However, designing a compliant logo can surely strengthen the foundations of your brand.

Why Is Brand Identity Significant for Businesses? –

Brand identity is referred to as a message conveyed to the consumers by your business. Creating a transparent and well-versed brand identity can be incredibly beneficial for your business. From letting you stand out among competitors to winning the hearts of consumers, it can perform all the wonders.

Your brand identity is the ultimate representation of your business organization. A popular phrase in marketing says, ‘branding is what people say about your business when you’re not in the room.’ It refers to the fact that brand identity is what and how your consumers feel and perceive your business. It creates a connection between you and your consumer audience.

Why Is a Logo Design Needed For Creating Brand Identity?

Logos act as the visual representation of your company. They are the uniquely fabricated identities of your company’s values and experiences – depicting the real face of your business in front of public and potential consumers.            

Logo designs are the primary contributor to the formulation of your brand’s identity. Logos are the first thing any consumer tends to learn about your company, and they possess the power to create an intriguing curiosity about the business. Initially, it might seem like a lot of pressure and struggle. But give it a deep thought, and you’ll realize the true essence – an apple instantly reminds you of the tech-giant Apple, and so is the case with Nike’s swoosh. Having a logo that instantly reminds your existence to the audience is what contributes to the foundation of a brand identity. It increases the chances of consumers purchasing your products and availing your services.

Custom-made Logo of a company attracts consumers, and also keep them loyal to the brand. They contribute to the building of trust and loyalty. Before a potential buyer enters your physical store or visits your online website, they surely have developed the first impression of your brand via your logo design already. The more professionally designed, well-crafted, and business-compliant logo you possess, the more consumers you’re likely to attract and turn them into potential buyers.

Here’s the list of top five reasons why a custom logo design is needed for creating a brand identity.

Earns Competitive Edge a custom-made logo design brings distinction to your business. It lets you stand out among the competitors and get noticed in the rivals’ crowd. When you invest the right amount of effort, energy, and budget into the creation of your logo design, it solemnly brings recognition to your brand.

A distinct logo design aids in the creation of emotional attachment with the consumers and lets you earn their loyalty and trust.

Showcases Your Business Values – a logo helps showcasing your business values with perfection. It possesses the capability to attract your potential audience via storytelling. You add the color red in your logo, and it will depict the passion, love, energy, and aggression as your values in front of the audience.

A glance at your logo and the audience can learn about what and how do you pursue your business. Thence, creating it with keen perfection is what can contribute to the building of sublime brand identity.

Develops Your Corporate Identity – a corporate identity is what brings competent growth to your business. It is the adequate positioning of your brand right among the potential audience – via insightful research. Logos are the primary source of positioning your brand effectively. They are the visual representation of your brand and depicts your corporate identity in front of the audience. Consider creating a corporate identity without having a logo design, what on earth would you use for the representation of your brand? Nothing, of course. A custom-made logo is what your brand needs necessarily.

A business, even at the initial stages, requires a logo for being identified among all. It is the logo of your brand, which makes your business familiar with the audience and let them associate with your values. Thence, a logo design is undoubtedly significant to create an identity for your brand.

Captures Your Target Audience – Target audience is the most significant part of any marketing campaign. They are the people for who the whole strategies are created and efforts are put in. Every point which might appease the target audience is catered in the marketing campaigns for they are people, which can be turned into potential buyers – the significant most stakeholder to any business.

A logo targeting the very audience with compliant design and thematic color scheme is what enhances their interest in your brand. It is the crucial most element that can attract your target audience and turn them into potential buyers with efficiency. It can provide a strong foundation for your brand identity and compels the audience to build loyalty and trust with your brand.

Speaks Up Your Message – A logo design speaks up the message of your brand. A business is often expanded via storytelling and communication – logo-designs can do that for you in no time. A well-designed logo with each component striking perfectly with your core business is capable of speaking your brand’s message out loudly and convey that to each of your potential consumer audience.

Brand identity is crucially dependent on what message you convey to the audience. It creates an emotional attachment and sense of belonging among them and reminds them of your products and services each time. A logo can convey that message for your brand – with a perfect combination of business-complaint graphics and trending themes from the industry.

How to Create a Brand Identity Using Logo Design? –

You’ve learned why a custom logo design is needed for creating brand identity already. Now is the time to determine how successful brand identity can be created using logo design. We’ve got you covered with the three utmost of getting it through, here’s the list.

Simplicity – a minimalistic and straightforward logo design is what rules every industry in this era of innovation and digitalization. It shall be simple enough to convey your message and capture the audience; instead of having detailed puns difficult for the audience to understand.

Caution – complexity is the worst characteristic in logo-designing. In case you design a complex logo for your brand, there are chances that your target audience gets confused and fails to build a brand identity.

Consistency – a consistent logo, designed in complete compliance with your business values can drive business success. If your business theme goes well with the shades of blue, and so is the color of your website, your logo design should also be made with a blend of blues. If there’s a slogan associated with your brand which conveys a message to your audience, then this slogan shall be a part of your logo as well. A logo should be a consistent reflection of what and how do you pursue the business. It shall comply and blend with the visionary objectives of your brand – only then it would be capable of founding a strong identity for your brand.

Versatility – the key to designing a successful logo design is keeping it scalable. A logo is likely to be used at each platform your business operates through, for it is meant to represent your brand. Thus, it shall be designed with adjustable proportions – capable of being blown into the size of a billboard as well as shrunk into the size of a miniature business card. It shall have perfect pixels and dimensions in each different size to be visible and recognizable.

Additionally, a logo design shall also look perfect in a monochrome style. So, when it comes up in the photocopies, fax documents, or newspaper advertisements – it represents your brand as sublime as in colored version.

To put it in a nutshell, a well-crafted logo design possesses a perfect depiction of graphics, rightly put in fonts, and an incredible blend of colors. It is capable of conveying your message to the audience effectively. It contributes primarily to the foundation of your brand identity. It also lets you stand distinctively in the realms of the crowd.

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