What It Takes To Design A Memorable Logo?


Why Create A Memorable Logo? –

A logo is your brand’s connection with its audience – a visualization of what and how you work for them. It shall be captivating enough to earn recognition at first sight. From the graphics to colors to the typography, each component of your logo design shall blend with perfection and speak the message of your brand aloud.

What It Takes To Design A Memorable Logo? –

Creating a memorable custom business logo design takes a lot of insightful research and keen implication. It forces you to create something that reflects your brand in compliance with your audience’s expectations. Designing a logo as famous as Nike’s swoosh might not be possible. However, you can design a memorable logo using the righteous approach. Here’s the list of factors that directly contributes to the designing of a memorable logo.

Simplicity – Simplicity is the key to making memorable logo designs. The popular most and incredible logo designs are often very simple and can be easily understood. A minimal mark and the company name. That’s it.

Look around, and you’ll find so many popular brands having simplistic logo designs. For instance, McDonalds and Google, both of them are topmost brands of their industries and represent themselves with simple-most logos across the globe. The moment you see their logo, you can instantly recognize the brand. That’s how a memorable logo should function.

Additionally, a simple logo design can be easily used with multiple applications or platforms. You can transform the dimensions quiet easily and can adjust them according to your choice and requirement. Take the example of Nike’s swoosh. It can be shrunk or widened or done whatever to adjust with the application or platform it is being used with, and yet you’ll recognize it every time.

One common mistake made by most of the designers is that they try to put a lot of information while creating a logo. It makes your logo complicated and difficult to memorize. However, ensuring the simplicity of your logo is essential in today’s competitive era and here’s the list of how you can do that –

  • Limit the use of text up to four words or thirty characters at maximum.
  • Implicate no more than three colors in your logo design.
  • Incorporate a maximum of one tricky element in your logo design.
  • Try not to use thin or sleek text and graphics in your design.

Personality Consideration – It is significant for a memorable logo to represent your brand accurately. It should comprehend the true meanings of what you sell at your brand.

The colors and shapes you put in shall complement the core functions of your brand. A logo is meant to communicate the message of your brand to the audience, and you would never want to do that inaccurately. Therefore, a logo shall be designed in full consideration with the personality of your brand. The primary things that shall be considered while designing a logo includes –

  • It should be selling your products and services;
  • It should be an accurate graphical representation of your brand;
  • It should be different and unique among all.

Thence, the more personality-specific your logo would be, the more are the chances for it being memorable among your audience.

Captivating Color Schemes – colors are a significant part of logo designing for two primary reasons. They are –

  • Attractive choices in color can bring the attention of consumers to your brand and let them create a perception about it.
  • A good logo always works better with full-color or single-color applications.

Thus, always go for minimalistic color palette while designing simple logos – no more than three colors and even fewer if possible. Additionally, flattened and single color logos are more in trend these days as the competition continues to hike across the market.

Look at the new, flattened logo of the master card – it has been simplified with flat circles intersecting without any insightful detail. Moreover, the colors they have used are brighter enough to attract the audience’s attention, yet not so crazy to chirp in your eyes. Bold and bright colors are effective for logo designs but don’t become so crazy with them.

A logo with splendid color schemes is way easier to be memorized. It can help your brand attract a widening recognition every time.

Organic Designing – the most crucial thing required for designing a memorable logo design is originality. Your logo shall represent an organic artwork and comprehend the true essence of your brand in front of the audience.

A common practice among designers is the use of clipart. To tell you the truth – it is the worst any designer can do with his designs. What every memorable logo asks for is an original artwork was done from scratch – a design that has been created from the very initial stages while keeping every aspect of your brand in mind. Whether you design it as an image or use typography at its best – your logo shall not be a combination of readymade clipart but visuals designed with the sole intention of representing your brand.

Incorporating clipart into your logo design can make it amateurish and silly. It won’t look anything special to your audience. Thus, a lack of specialty in your logo would make it less memorable. If you want to design something to be memorized by the widest audience and that too for a longer period, make sure to add something special into it – different from all the competitors yet incredible enough to capture the audience’s attention.

Flexibility – designing a memorable logo asks for multiple iterations that are clear enough to understand and connected enough to be identified.

Your logo needs to appear on multiple different platforms – from product packaging to the billboard advertisements. So, they need to be visible in every dimension and sizing. Either you put it on a small packet after shrinking or you widespread the logo for an advertisement, it shall be flexible enough to look clear in all shapes and sizes.

Thence, when you hire any professional logo designer, make sure to deal with a scalable file of your logo. This is because scalable files are capable of being transformed into as many shapes and sizes as you want.

The more flexible your logo would be, the more likely it would be to appear on the multiple platforms. Consequently, inclining the chances of it being memorized.

Valuing the Opinions and Feedback – opinions and feedbacks are crucial in designing a memorable logo. Always keep one thing in mind – you’re designing a logo for the audience and not for yourself. Thus, clientele feedback matters the most. The best tactic for designing a memorable logo is to take the client’s criticism as constructive and work upon it to bring efficiency in your work.

Moreover, you can take ideas and opinions from the public using social media platforms. There are millions of people stuffed with billions of artistic ideas – they can help you bring amazing touches to your logo design.

Catering to the clients’ opinions and feedback positively would surely contribute to the designing of a memorable logo – capable of earning massive recognition from across the markets and audiences.

Conclusion – Designing a memorable logo is not something you can do overnight. It takes a lot of effort, time, and brainstorming to come up with a logo design that will be memorized by the audience over time. The key is to be consistent and passionate about it and rest; you can do with your talent and expertise. Not everyone is as lucky as Nike and Apple, whose utmost simple logos have earned exemplary fame around the world. But nothing shall stop you from becoming the one.

In the present era, it has become significant to design a memorable logo, for there are so many brands selling in the same category. The consumer audience often gets confused with the variety of products and services being offered at the same time. In such a situation, a memorable logo can help your brand get recognized among the crowd. Consequently, it can bring a massive hike to the sales and revenues of your brand.

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