Instagram Marketing Trends To Succeed Your Small Business in 2020


Instagram has become the preferred social media app for young adults, as 85% of them said so in a survey. And we agree. The bar for Instagram marketing trends has been rising continuously. Instagram’s potential for aesthetics has kept increasing with interactive stories, highlights feature, enhanced explore tab, and, most of all, IGTV.

With such creative additions to the app, it has become the central hub for influencers and creators to publish content and express themselves. It is extensively popular among artists, influencers of every niche, and the ones who follow them. In this article, we will explore how you can raise your Instagram marketing strategy to win the target audience in 2020.

3 Major Instagram Marketing Trends to Work On In 2020

Instagram stories will continue to be in-demand

The majority of the influencers and content creators have preferred Instagram as their primary medium to communicate with their audiences. It also has to do with Instagram’s proactive updates to enhance the content creation experience while posting stories.

You can simply add text with different fonts, or you can go all funky with GIFS, AR filters, writing tools, and original music. All these features add considerable value to a simple picture clicked by any user. Instagram has been using AR filters for more than two years now; however, the recent upgrade is worth an applause.

AR filters are one of the most popular Instagram marketing trends now. Users can create their own AR filters, and content creators can use these to share aesthetic content. As a photographer, artist, or influencer, this provides a lot of room for creating high-quality content with fewer efforts.

With the highly creative and advanced features, the Instagram stories have superseded Snapchat for a long time now. The newly added feature where Instagrammers are crowdsourcing AR filters will further beat Snapchat’s company provided ones. Instagram’s browsing feature for AR filters already provides such a wide variety to users that they can never fall short of them.

According to a survey, 500 million Instagrammers used the story feature in 2019, and this number is expected to grow further. And the trend is only supposed to grow in 2020. Therefore, if your brand does not have an Instagram marketing strategy that includes separate content for Instagram stories, you must be making a big mistake.

IGTV will become more popular among content creators

Instagram started as a photo-sharing app in 2010 with a clean interface where pictures would be shown in a grid. It rapidly gained popularity, with 1 million users registered within the initial two months. Instagram’s upgrades within the last decade have been plausible.

Instagram added different features, including videos, direct messaging, and stories to enhance the user experience. However, the videos on Instagram had a time limit of 1 minute. People eventually started using the carousels feature to add their videos in fragments. It worked, but the user experience would get interrupted when they had to swipe left every time a part of the video ended.

Instagram tested out a new feature in 2018, which unintentionally addressed the problem. Not only that, it provided a longer time for videos; it also created a whole new experience out of it. This new feature was the IGTV, which was also available as an app, but its embedded version on Instagram became more popular.

Marketers need to understand that IGTV may not have shown great success by now; however, they can still make great use of it. You know how to market your brand on Instagram, but using IGTV as leverage can up your game to the next level. Video content is the future of digital marketing, and as marketers, you must take advantage of the opportunities which not every other person can anticipate right now.

Brands can start short and exciting web series on IGTV and attract the audience through in-feed video posts that redirect them to IGTV eventually. Storytelling is the most powerful way to create a brand identity, and any brand design agency that is ignoring this chance must think twice.

Instagram will be the main marketing tool for eCommerce businesses

We have been discussing throughout the article how Instagram is going to become a strong marketing tool for businesses in 2020. You may have grasped the idea of its importance in your brand marketing strategy by now. However, there is another concern that business owners stay perplexed about, i.e., how to make Instagram shoppable.

Instagram does not provide an in-app shop set up option. However, you can connect your Instagram business account with your Facebook’s catalog to make it shoppable. With 1 billion users active on Instagram every month, it is the holy grail for marketers and business owners to increase revenue.

You can add shoppable posts in your feed and make it convenient for the customers to open posts and tap for prices simply. Shoppable stories will also be an Instagram marketing trend heavily used by influencers as Instagram announced they can now tag the products they are wearing. As for now, a few influencers have that privilege; however, it will be rolled out for others soon.

In-app checkout on Instagram has already been introduced for different brands like Anastasia Beverly Hills, Burberry, Kylie Cosmetics, and Warby Parker. It will be rolled out for other brands in the upcoming months too. Therefore, Instagram is all set to become the primary marketing tool for eCommerce businesses and influencers also.


Marketers have been struggling with the brand identity vs. brand image trade-offs among the plethora of social media platforms.

However, Instagram not only facilitates aesthetics with its post-feed, but it also creates the opportunity for engagement with the audience. And IGTV has become yet another platform within the same app to tell your brand’s story. Therefore, if you are not focusing on Instagram as the main marketing tool in your strategy in 2020, think again.

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