Best Use of Negative Spacing While Designing A Custom Business Logo


You often overhear the term ‘negative space’ and wondering what does it exactly mean when it comes to designing a logo.

Negative space is the blank space or area encircling an image or text, combined into a design to prominent the body of text or sign in the query. it highly improves the aesthetics of a design.

They are a specific type of logo that uses background colour usually white to make something like any shape, icon, or symbol.

Negative space logo designs work for the most artistic and outstanding custom business logo. A creative designer uses all negative space logo design tips and intelligently uses the shapes and colors together, which attracts customers easily.

So far, use of this elusive and strong technique that can flourish your logo designing skills. for more to know how to create a negative space logo, we have gathered some best examples of negative space logos. That’s surely going to help you in your future designs.



Fox Chase Publisher

In this logo, two distinctive shapes with a negative space making a sitting fox.

35 negative space logos were positive youll love - 99designs


The most famous and favorite logo of this era, Netflix, its logo simply represents the letter N in red color surrounded by negative space in black color.

Netflix The Society Netflix Wiki Fandom

Hot Face

A cosmetic brand that has a unique logo contrasting from other traditional cosmetic logos. It is the simple text written HOT with pink color and Face with blue color and the rest of the negative space is left as blackish-grey background.  

Hotface cosmetics international needs a new logo Logo design


this fun looking logo of nickelodeon is designed with the splash of orange color and the text is written with white color. In the middle of the splash, the text represents negative space also.  

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This is the logo that is incredibly the best example of negative spacing, as the enclosure of icons forms the camera and its tripod.

Negative Spaces in Logos A How-To Guide for Dummies by a Dummy


Logo of safari into Africa the text is written and the icon of the elephant is placed parallel to it, the negative space creates the map of Africa.

51 Creative Logos That Use Negative Space Brilliantly


Very artistically, the movers' logo has a design of a hand palm symbolizes the negative space represents house-shaped through index finger and thumb.


The text is written with white color and the logo has initials W and M formed by piano keys with black negative spacing between them.


it shows the shape of pony and a cat in green portion, a dog and a bird formed by the white space.


Punctuation marks, opening quotes, and closing quotes are joined and made the face of the kid. The white negative space makes the mouth and eyes of a face.

Thousands of tips exist for making the most of negative spacing in logo designing. Professional and online logo makers use it smartly in their designs.

Quick Tips

  • Frame an image ‘

  • Cut things out

  • Combine elements

  • Create contrast

  • Use shapes

  • Be subtle



Designing a custom business logo contains objects, text, and images in a striking style.  This also includes negative space, the design of objects from one another.

If you design a logo with images that mixed with another image, that is how negative space is used.

It retains the customers’eyes engrossed on the objects. Negative space is used to balance and line up the objects in a pattern to make it more pleasing to the viewers.

Negative space also every so often makes for spotless logos, with sharp lines, and distinct colours, which is always fitting for scaling and confirming all features.

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